A Few Short Words

Dense Not Thick




She took the longest rope she could find and thrust herself headlong into the morass of my mind. Deep into mine eye she dived, calling echos that reverberate still inside. What might she find but she had time? Deep into my core she burrowed, cracked through crusts and subsurface furrows, foraging for diamonds developed under pressure, rent from my soul and brought to light. She went all the way to the bottom of my life, climbed out clean, proud, and satisfied that she alone had ventured there. ‘It is beautiful,’ she said, displaying the very nature of my being.


Don’t misunderstand, it’s not camouflage, not by far. Chimerical certainly but not sinister or supernatural. Shapeshifter, they call her, but the form is firm, it’s just her visage that shifts to rearrange and exhibit, in elegant honesty, a response to the moment. Such chameleonic skin, ever shifting in a silken rainbow spectrum, is more pure in flux than some solid substances. A diamond matrix with flex and facet, displaying prismatic refraction coupled with incorporation, manifesting minute to minute in minute molecular metamorphosis, a Mandelbrot make up of indefatigable opulence. Neither magic nor myth, she flaunts these truths as flesh.


She’s talking to me and looking right at the diamond. I can’t, she says. I tell her she deserves nice things as much as I deserve to see her have them. Go on, I say, try it on. There are a thousand facets to her smile, all of them etched and precious, captured forever upon her finger. She asks me if I’m sure and I tell her I lost my uncertainty the day that I found her. I can see myself reflected in her pleasured crystal tears. I never knew my face had room for showing so much joy.

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