A Few Short Words

Dense Not Thick




She carries herself in a layer of lightness like loom woven cotton wool armour. It fits her perfectly and is incredibly fetching, refracting the colour of magic in indescribable octarine shades of aura. By no means her best quality, for some, sadly, it’s the first and only they will ever see. Of course, I’ve had the luxury of peeking underneath, of unlacing her gauntlets and grieves, breastplate and chainmail carapace. Beneath this construction her true face is unobstructed, so much more than mythos, it’s the unglossed but lustrous blueprints for millions of magics, fantastic strengths, and supernaturally untethered ardour.


Arris looks out over the waterfall and is still for a moment. ‘The sound will never be the same,’ she says, ‘every trickled note is a new iteration of combination and intonation but the effect over time is homogeneity.’ I suggest it’s one of natures menial magics and she shakes her curls against my neck. ‘It’s us playing the trick,’ she says, ‘it’s too beautiful for us to handle so we drown it out.’ I look out over the waterfall and listen to the world move through time. I tell her, I can hear every moment of our lives.


Don’t misunderstand, it’s not camouflage, not by far. Chimerical certainly but not sinister or supernatural. Shapeshifter, they call her, but the form is firm, it’s just her visage that shifts to rearrange and exhibit, in elegant honesty, a response to the moment. Such chameleonic skin, ever shifting in a silken rainbow spectrum, is more pure in flux than some solid substances. A diamond matrix with flex and facet, displaying prismatic refraction coupled with incorporation, manifesting minute to minute in minute molecular metamorphosis, a Mandelbrot make up of indefatigable opulence. Neither magic nor myth, she flaunts these truths as flesh.


Every evening I slit my wrist and pull out the little failures. I am a party magician and their spool is never ending, it is the realest illusion in my life. They stream from me in ribbons of degraded earthen shades, bled terracotta soldier, and I use them to bind my unhappiness. Abraded clots in braided knots, woven tightly to the psyche. I keep my eyes open and try to see it all unfurl. When I fall asleep, I hold the knife to my throat and tell myself this will be the last time, I won’t be tricked again.

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