A Few Short Words

Dense Not Thick




Arris fell out of time and landed in my lap. I was so surprised that I charmed her. Something like you belongs somewhere romantic, I said. Paris in sepia or a courtesan’s lace, an uncanny valley or gypsy caravan. Some place idyllic and far away. She laughed at me with social freedoms long since won in wars we forgot. ‘From hereon out I belong next to you,’ she said. ‘Whenever you need me that’s where I’ll be.’ I started counting my blessings and asked for seconds. ‘For you, I will always make time.’ After that, forever was never enough.


I found a unicorn standing in my yard, so I hung the washing on it and went back inside. By the time my sheets had dried it was still there and I was no more inclined to proffer belief. I went to the kitchen and slathered a carrot in butter and sprinkles and took it outside to talk. You can’t be here, I said, my life doesn’t have room for magic. The unicorn chewed dully and shook its horn, tiny rainbows falling from its mane. I went back inside and turned on the news, there’s a war going on.

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